SubmissionA year ago I brought up the topic of submission and Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) to my husband. As I’ve mentioned before, I read a critical article about the topic, but it made sense to me. I started reading more about CDD and why women should submit to their husbands. I also read about the transformations many couples experience when they enter into this lifestyle. I wanted my marriage to transform as well.

I am full of faults as a wife and mother. My impatience and moodiness overwhelm my family sometimes. I have started a lot of arguments in my marriage, mainly because I am too prideful. That pride hurts my marriage.

So I asked my husband to help break me of my prideful nature. And the way that we are working toward this is through CDD. We’re not there yet. Maybe we’ll never get there completely, but we’re going to keep trying.

Submission isn’t easy. I have to remind myself daily that my husband is the head of the household and that he will guide our family on the right path.

Submission isn’t easy. It’s difficult when I’m caught up in the moment and want to put up a fight against a decision he’s made. But, the feeling I get when I do submit, that feeling of wholeness, tells me that we’re doing the right thing.

Submission isn’t easy. This is especially true when I know that I’ve failed miserably. The guilt of any pain that I’ve caused my husband hurts me. I feel ashamed when I’ve caused stress and frustration for him and for our family.

Submission isn’t easy. It’s hard to submit to the discipline that my husband implements. I dread the times when he brings out the paddle or the belt, or when he makes me drink hot sauce or stand in the bathroom for corner time. I hate the pain of the discipline, but mostly I hate knowing that I deserve that pain, and my role is to accept my husband’s decisions.

Submission isn’t easy. Yet God is calling me to be a submissive wife. That’s what He says in Colossians 3:18: Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. By following my husband, I am fulfilling God’s laws about marriage.

No, submission isn’t easy. But it’s the right way of life. I am showing my commitment to my husband and demonstrating my love for God every time that I submit to him, every time that I honor his decisions, and every time that I accept his discipline.

A good explanation of Biblical submission can be found here.