rodToday I asked for an early session of our 14-day discipline. Because it is Friday, I hoped that we would be able to relax tonight and enjoy ourselves, so I approached my husband about implementing a discipline session in the afternoon instead of before bedtime. I told him that I understood if I would need other discipline in addition to the session that was about to occur.

As I prepared myself for what was about to occur, I resigned myself to being spanked. I had essentially requested that it would happen, so I bent over the pillow on the bed and held on.

It’s amazing how much sting a rod can deliver. The bite of its metal cuts across my skin, which is already sensitive from the 6 spankings I’ve already received this week. He administered the punishment in different spaces on my bottom, trying to avoid the most tender spots.

He delivered about 25 spanks with the rod, enough to the point where I was crying and squirming to get out of his way. As he checked for bleeding and welts, I winced at the touch of his gentle fingers.

Then he walked me to the bathroom for the second part of my discipline. I was to stand in the bathroom with the lights off for 10 minutes. I used this time to pray to God to close my heart from jealousy and envy. I repeated Colossians 3:18–Wives submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. As much as I hate bathroom time, my husband knows that it is a time for me to reflect and pray. He’s right, as I almost always walk out of that bathroom with a more relaxed feeling (except for several nights ago – see Pride Cometh Before the Punishment).

I felt a release after our prayer. My husband was tender with me and comforted me as I leaned into his chest, still feeling the sting of the rod. Comforting after a discipline session is very important to us and to most other couples. It brings us closer together and signifies the end of the bad behavior and discipline that follows. The Learning DD website has an interesting post about comforting.