When talking about Christian domestic discipline, the most frequently discussed punishment is spanking. I can only guess that the reason for this is that spanking is considered the most effective form of discipline. However, there are other types of punishments that heads of household can implement. Take a look at www.learningdd.com to read more about some of these types of punishment.

I bring this up because of a conversation that my husband and I had last night. As my readers will know, we recently went through a 14-Day Discipline Session that entailed a spanking with every session. Depending on my behavior for the day, I also received other punishments such as bathroom time and swallowing Tabasco sauce. As always, it is up to my husband’s discretion as to what punishment to implement. The spankings, obviously, were awful and painful, but the other punishments were effective as well.

My husband’s concern is that I will become too bruised for spankings at times, and he also thinks that spankings aren’t always the most effective for me. When we discussed our CDD practices last night, he brought up changing around my punishments, sometimes not even including spankings. Other punishments might be losing Facebook privileges, standing in the bathroom for a longer period of time, banning Diet Coke, swallowing Tabasco sauce, or writing sentences that emphasize what I will do to correct my bad behavior.

I don’t know how I feel about some of these punishments. To be honest, some of them sound even more difficult to bear than a spanking. I know that tonight will be a discipline session, and I’m nervous about what he is going to require of me. As I’ve described in the last few posts, I have not been a submissive wife in the last few days. In fact, looking back, it’s almost like the 14-Day Discipline Session did not leave a lasting reminder for me. Why is that? It was painful and I thought about my behavior all day after each session. It was easier to submit when I knew that I was going to be disciplined that night.

Clearly, these last few days have shown that I clearly have a lot to learn and practice. So I’m wondering, do I need some form of maintenance every day until I learn to submit? I know my husband will not implement a nightly spanking just so that I will behave the next day, but is there something that he needs to do to leave that reminder for me?

Or is it solely up to me? What can I do to remind myself to be a more submissive wife? What ritual or habit can I create to give myself that reminder each day? This blog helps me to think through my submissive journey, but I clearly need more than a few hundred words a day to work through this process.

Proverbs 25:28: A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.