My husband and I bickered over text today. I honestly was not trying to argue, but we still bickered. We’re planning on making a big move in December, and I needed to fill out some paperwork about renting a town home. I was of the opinion that we should try to rent a house, but we’re over 1,000 miles away from our new location and, as my husband said, it’s very difficult to find a reliable house to rent when you can’t see it in person. The town home he’s found is very nice and we won’t be in it forever, but I still brought up wanting to be in a house. Thus began the bickering.

As a submissive wife in training, I know I should have accepted what my husband said from the beginning since he does know what is best for our household. I made it clear that I was only sharing my opinion, but I still should have gotten his point faster than I did, especially because we’ve had this conversation before.

In other words, I didn’t keep my mouth shut and I didn’t submit. I don’t know if this warrants a discipline session or not. The bickering ended pretty quickly, and we moved on to new topics, but I wasn’t a submissive wife at that moment. This is where I have questions. Is it possible to disagree and still be submissive? My husband has made it clear that he wants to hear my opinions, but as his submissive wife, I should accept all of his decisions as final. I did eventually agree to what we were discussing, but I guess I put up more of a fight than I should have. Does that mean I failed at submission at that moment?

Which brings me to another point, it’s been a week since A Final Punishment?, and while I haven’t misbehaved terribly, today is the first day in a week that we’ve had some sort of an issue. Does that warrant a discipline session? Or, in my mind, I wish that my husband would implement a maintenance spanking as a reminder that things today could have gone very badly and I need to control myself more. Is it wrong to ask for maintenance? Is it wrong to be asked to be spanked? I read an interesting blog post about this very subject. What do you think?