Today is a big day. I’m on a work trip, and I have to talk with my boss about quitting. I’m giving him months of notice, but where we ware living and what I am doing is just not right for me anymore. Nor is it right for my family.

My husband and I have been talking about this for months. It’s not a decision we’ve made lightly. Moving will allow us to be closer to my stepson, and we’ll finally be in a place that my husband’s wanted to be for years. It’s the right thing to do for us.

I’m still scared. I’m intimidated about telling my boss. He’s done a lot for me, but he’s also done some not great things as well. I was sabotaged by the woman whose job I took, and I’ve been verbally abused by some of my employees, all without my boss sticking up for me.

To say that my husband is angry about how I’ve been treated is an understatement. This is one of those times when I can really see how protective he is of me. He hates that I’ve been disrespected. I’ve been more complacent with it all, but he’s been angry for months. So it’s time to put this job in the past, be submissive to my husband, and move forward. Prayers are appreciated.