After a brief hiatus, I’m back and we’re on track to start CDD again. I received a maintenance spanking on Tuesday. I’d nearly forgotten how much sting a rod has. We talked about doing it again last night, but my husband said I hadn’t done anything to really warrant a discipline session.

He’s brought up a good point several times. He often questions when is the right time for these sessions. I get tired very easily and am almost always ready to go to sleep once the kids are settled in their own beds. I also have some health issues that don’t always leave me feeling well. 

So, my husband questions if he should discipline me or not when these situations occur. We’ve talked about how he should do it (if warranted) at any time unless I’m vomiting or have a fever. He’s woken me up once to discipline me. While that certainly wasn’t fun, it was deserved. 

I’m of the opinion that he should discipline me no matter what, even if I’m in a terrible mood or battling a depressive episode. However, he struggles with this. How can I support him and help him make these decisions? As a submissive wife, I need to encourage him. I’m just not sure how to do that in this case.