Why is nudity important in CDD? This blog by Christian Domestic Discipline outlines many reasons why a woman’s nudity makes a difference during discipline sessions.

In our process, I am fully clothed during my husband’s lecture. Sometimes he holds the implement–most often the riding crop–while he gives his lecture. Watching him flick the crop against his leg emphasizes to me the seriousness of the lecture.

After the lecture, I must stand and ready myself for the spanking. I bend over our bed against stacked pillows so that I am in a good position for him to administer the spanks. But before I bend, I must remove my pants and underwear or lift up my nightgown. The very act of showing my bare bottom is humbling. I feel vulnerable and overcome with a sense of simultaneous submission and dread. I feel small and hyper aware of my semi-nude state. As I bend over the bed and bury my head in the pillows, the coolness of the air emphasizes the events that are about to occur.

After the discipline, he puts away the crop while I remain in the same position. I don’t redress until he allows me to do so. As I’ve been receiving nightly spankings, he will rub lotion on my bottom and on the tops of my thighs. That is a raw sensation, but it is not sexual. As his motions heighten my awareness of his strength and masculinity, they also remind me that I must be submissive because as in 1 Corinthians 11:3, “the head of the woman is man.” His firm but kind hands rubbing lotion into my bare skin is an act of comfort as much as it is a reminder of the punishment I just received.

When I am allowed to cover myself, he comforts me again with the comfort of his embrace and kisses. These are gentle, loving kisses that reinforce his love. We end with a prayer to God as my husband asks our Father to bring peace to our lives, to release me of my pride and bad behavior, and to guide us in our marriage.

As I think through our process, or you might say, rituals, I think carefully about the physicality of it. I am half nude in front of my husband, but it is not a sexual nudity. Baring my bottom in preparation for discipline does not lead to sex in our CDD practices. Rather, my nude bottom represents vulnerability; it is a humbling act that brings me to a more submissive state while emphasizing that my husband is the head of me and of our household.